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  • (216) 732-3035

Warner & Swasey

Automatic Parts

Rapid traverse brakes, yoke assemblies, glands, adjusting screws, switch operating pins, speed and feed dogs, cam roll sub assemblies…

SC & CNC Parts

Parts for Warner & Swasey SC10, SC15, SC20, SC24, SC25, SC28, SC32, SC36, SC45, WSC-8, WSC-12, WSC-15, WSC-24, QCM-6, TITAN, etc.

Turret Lathe Parts

Shafts, gaskets, indicators, clutch assemblies, gauges, pumps, sprockets, yokes, splines, worm shafts, rapid keys, cross feed clutches…

Machine Manuals

Repair and maintenance manuals for turret lathes, single spindle chuckers, single spindle bar machines, multi spindle automatics, CNC, etc.

Machine Tools

Flange tool holders, square turrets, floating reamer holders, front and rear cutter blocks, end facers, turning heads, platen slides…

Repair Services

We repair Warner & Swasey lathes, Bridgeport mills, grinders, saws, hones, gear boxes, mill heads, transmissions, clutch assemblies, rapid traverse units, etc.