Machine Repair Experts Since 1947

Gahr Machine Company was established in 1947 after our founder sold his first rebuilt Warner & Swasey turret lathe. We have since expanded our rebuilding department to include repair and reconditioning services on mills, drills, lathes, grinders, saws, hones, CNC, Automatic, & other tool room metalworking equipment.

In today’s competitive business climate, we understand the need to keep your machinery in peak operating condition, and strive to provide a quality repair service within the time and budgetary constraints of modern production schedules.

When you deliver a machine to Gahr Machine Company, you receive a guarantee of new machine tolerances for a fraction of new cost. We also offer machine tool realignment services for even bigger savings.

With fast turn around times, new factory parts, and an extended warranty, contact Gahr Machine Company and see what we can do to help you get your machines running like new.

To get in touch with us, call 216-732-3035 or email Our operating hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm. If you contact us during work hours a Gahr Machine specialist will assist you. If contacted during off hours, we will respond the next business day.

We service machinery in-house from all lower 48 states, and make service calls to Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for on-site repair and consultation.

Repair & Rebuild Services

Industrial Machinery

Engine Lathes
Turret Lathes
Second Operation Lathes
Surface Grinders
Grinders (All Types)
Saws (All Types)
Sanders (All Types)
Shears, Brakes, & Rolls
Vertical Drills
Hones & Buffers
Boring Mills
Warner & Swasey Machinery
Bridgeport Vertical Mills
AB & AC Machinery

Machine Components

Gear Boxes
Clutch Assemblies
Mill Heads
Lathe Headstocks
Rapid Traverse Units
Digital Read Outs (DRO)
Power Feed Units
Electrical Repair
Scraping & Realignments
Maintenance Manuals
Factory New Parts

Repair Process

    • Every machined is cleaned to the bare casting. Paint and grease are removed from components and all items are coded and inventoried. Parts with wear and tear are replaced factory new.
    • Units are rebuilt individually and then fitted to exacting tolerances during reassembly. Sub assemblies are carefully pretested before final assembly. Test runs are performed to ensure optimal performance.
    • If adjustments to your machine are required after you have taken delivery, we make it quickly and at no additional cost to you.
    • We have performed this process since our founding in 1947. We have repaired, reconditioned, and rebuilt thousands of machines and machine components, and our continued success speaks to our quality of work. Call us today for more information on this process and what we can do for you.


Video presentations of our work


Brands: Warner & Swasey, LeBlond, Colchester, Gisholt, Jet, Clark, Hardinge, Webb, Monarch, American Pacemaker

American Pacemaker 32
American Pacemaker 32" x 204" Engine Lathe
Monarch 18” x 54” Engine Lathe Model 16CY
Monarch 18” x 54” Engine Lathe Model 16CY
Warner & Swasey #2 Turret Lathe
Warner & Swasey #2 Turret Lathe M1200


Brands: Cincinnati, Brown & Sharpe, Yuasa, Chevalier, KO Lee, Oliver, Boyar Schultz, Harig, Kent

Chevalier 1 HP 6
Chevalier 1 HP 6" x 18" Surface Grinder FSG-618
KO Lee 5-1/4
KO Lee 5-1/4" x 37" Tool & Cutter Grinder B2062B
Oliver 3
Oliver 3" Drill Grinder Model 600


Brands: Bridgeport, Millport, Cincinnati, Jet, Kent, Webb, Hartford, Kearney & Trecker, Acra, Clark, Lagun

Webb 5 HP 10” x 50” Vertical Mill Model 5VH Champ
Webb 5 HP 10” x 50” Vertical Mill Model 5VH Champ
Bridgeport 2 HP 9” x 48” Vertical Milling Machine
Bridgeport 2 HP 9” x 48” Vertical Milling Machine
Jet 3 HP 12” x 49” Vertical Mill Model JTM-4VS
Jet 3 HP 12” x 49” Vertical Mill Model JTM-4VS

Machine Tools

Before & after photographs of our work

Warner & Swasey Hydraulic
Chuck Wrench Unit, M-2304

Rebuild Process

  • Inspected for mechanical failures
  • Unit is disassembled
  • Parts inventory taken
  • Parts replaced or refurbished
  • Parts wirewheeled & washed
  • Casting reconditioned
  • New bearings in wrench body
  • New bearings in motor
  • New clutch plate
  • Unit is painted pre-assembly
  • Unit is reassembled
  • Tested for quality operation
  • Unit is packaged and shipped

Warner & Swasey 3A
Cross Slide Hex Apron

Repair Process

  • Unit is inspected, disassembled, washed
  • Parts, gears, bushings replaced
  • Bent or damaged shafts replaced
  • Lube lines cleaned out
  • Unit is reassembled, greased, lubricated
  • New grease fittings installed
  • New knockoff screws installed
  • Feed clutches & overload clutch adjusted
  • Tested for quality operation
  • Includes care guide & lubrication schedule
  • Free tech support for installation assistance

If your machine is in need of repair and you’d like a free consultation, call us at (216) 732-3035 to speak with a specialist. We look forward to working with you.